Bentota Beach  Beautiful Sri Lanka

Bentota Beach

Bentota Town and Benotota Beach is located in the west on the coast of Sri Lanka. It takes about 2 hours by car from the airport in Colombo to Bentota. The distance is about 110 kilometers. If you have to drive through Colombo by day, then it can take 1 hour longer because there is a lot of traffic jams.

Bentota itself has no actual city center. The real city is Aluthgama. Bentota is an area with many hotels on the beach and away from the beach it is a residential area.

Bentota is one of the largest tourism areas in Sri Lanka. There are mostly very large hotels and very luxurious hotels. Nevertheless, the beach in Bentota is very empty.

You hardly see people on the beach. One finds almost only all-inclusive hotels.

Bentota located in the Galle District of the Southern Province. If you go over the Bentota River then you are in the Western Province.

The north beach is very wide and very well maintained. There are also patrols of security police.

At the northern end of the northern beach is a small temple and a helipad. You can make a sightseeing flight by helicopter.

The southern part of Bentota beach is not as wide as the northern part. Also there are a lot less hotels.

The currents in the sea are sometimes very strong. On many days you can not swim in the sea for this reason. Water sports are rarely offered.

If you want to go shopping, you have to go to Aluthgama. This big city can easily be reached by bus, TukTuk or on foot.

After Bentota Beach comes to the north of the Moragalla beach and south of the Induruwa beach.